Dale Cantilever Two Tier Shelter

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A Dale cantilever cycle shelter with two-tier bike storage is a type of bicycle parking and storage solution designed to protect bicycles from the elements while maximizing space efficiency. It typically consists of a shelter or canopy supported by a cantilever structure, allowing for unobstructed access and protection for bicycles.

The two-tier bike storage refers to a system where bicycles can be stored on two levels, effectively doubling the storage capacity without requiring additional floor space. This is achieved by utilizing a vertical stacking mechanism, usually in the form of racks or platforms, where bicycles can be securely parked one above the other.

Here are some key features and benefits of a cantilever cycle shelter with two-tier bike storage:

  1. Weather protection: The shelter provides a covered area that shields bicycles from rain, snow, and direct sunlight, helping to prevent damage or deterioration.

  2. Space efficiency: The two-tier storage system optimizes the use of space by allowing bikes to be stored vertically. This is especially beneficial in areas with limited space where maximizing storage capacity is crucial.

  3. Security: Many designs incorporate locking mechanisms or attachments to secure the bicycles, preventing theft or unauthorized access. This enhances the overall security of the stored bikes.

  4. Ease of use: The two-tier system typically includes mechanisms such as hydraulic lifts or pulley systems to assist with raising and lowering the bicycles. This makes it easier for cyclists to access and store their bikes, even if they are heavy or cumbersome.

  5. Versatility: Cantilever cycle shelters can be installed in various locations, such as outside buildings, in parking lots, or near public transportation hubs. They can accommodate a range of bike sizes and styles, including traditional bicycles, electric bikes, and even cargo bikes.

  6. Durability: These shelters are usually constructed with robust materials, such as galvanised steel , to ensure long-lasting performance and resistance to weather conditions.

Shelter sizes 

  • 20 Cycles - 4150L X 2889H X 2023W
  • 30 Cycles - 6175L X 2889H X 2023W
  • 40 Cycles - 8200L x 2899H x 2023W


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Dale Cantilever Two Tier Shelter