10 Cycle Woody Teagan Cycle Shelter

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The Woody Teagan Cycle Shelter is a robust and durable structure designed to provide secure storage for bicycles. Let's break down the key features mentioned:

  1. Framework: The frame of the shelter is constructed using 50mm SHS (Square Hollow Section) galvanized steel. Galvanizing helps protect the steel from corrosion, making it more resistant to the elements and extending its lifespan.

  2. Side and Rear Panels: The sides and rear panels of the shelter are made of 95mm x 22mm tanalized timber slats. Tanalizing is a wood treatment process that involves impregnating the wood with a preservative, enhancing its resistance to decay and insect damage. This treatment is particularly useful for outdoor structures.

  3. Roof Sheeting: The roof of the shelter is made of galvanized steel box profile sheeting. This type of roofing is known for its strength and durability, providing protection against weather elements like rain and snow.

  4. Modular Design: The shelter is designed with a modular concept, allowing multiple units to be connected to create larger storage capacities. Each module has dimensions of 4100mm in length x 2125mm in width and is equipped with 5 bike hoops, providing storage for 10 bicycles. This modular design allows for scalability based on the specific needs of the users.

Overall, the combination of galvanized steel, tanalized timber, and a modular design suggests that the Woody Teagan Cycle Shelter is built to withstand various weather conditions while offering flexibility in terms of storage capacity. It seems like a well-designed solution for secure and durable bicycle storage.


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10 Cycle Woody Teagan Cycle Shelter