Speed Ramp Kit – Heavy Duty

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Speed humps, also known as speed bumps, are traffic calming devices designed to slow down vehicle speeds in residential areas, parking lots, or other areas where traffic needs to be controlled. They are physical obstacles placed on the road surface to force drivers to reduce their speed.

The purpose of speed humps is to enhance road safety by reducing vehicle speeds and promoting safer driving behavior. They are typically installed in areas with high pedestrian activity, near schools, or in neighborhoods where speeding is a concern.

This Ramp Kit enables traffic calming when required. Supplied with built-in cats eyes. These Kits are usually installed at Car Parks, Shopping Centres, and Private Businesses. There are two different heights of Speed Ramp 50mm and 75mm. Both are designed to enforce different speed restrictions 10MPH (50mm) and 5MPH (75mm).

These Speed Ramps are designed to withstand constant wearing and are manufactured with high-grade recycled PVC to ensure these ramps stay intact after years of use.

These kits are supplied with fixing bolts


1 – 10M Kits Available

Reduce Traffic Speeds to 5-10mph

Mid-Section Dimensions: 50mm (H) x 500mm (L) Width 400mm (W)

Kit includes High Quality Bolts & Fixings

Heavy Duty 100% PVC

Suitable for HGV use



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Speed Ramp Kit – Heavy Duty