Crank Stainless Steel Bollards

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Crank Bollards
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Product Specifications:

  • Material: Stainless steel 304 grade or 316 grade.
  • Standard diameters: (2mm gauge) 89mm, 101mm, 114mm.
  • Overall lengths: 1300mm, 1400mm, 1500mm.
  • Fixing options: root-fixed, bolt down/base plate.
  • Recess (A 25/50mm to 100/150mm groove).
  • Reflective banding.


Bollards are supplied with welded fixing spikes to ensure firm ground anchorage. Excavate holes to depth of approx. 400mm x 300mm diameter and cast into concrete. Can be supplied with a base plate for bolting down.

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Bespoke Requirements

Our bollards can be made to meet your needs with specific heights, diameters, colours, and finishes. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Crank Stainless Steel Bollards

Crank stainless steel bollards offer huge versatility, protecting buildings and assets from being damaged by passing vehicles. Ideal for scenarios such as drive though fast-food restaurants where space is tight, installing cranked bollards keeps the corners of buildings and speaker posts safe from any accidental bumps. They are manufactured with exceptional strength to absorb the impact of any knocks and scrapes to help ensure your property has an additional level of security.

Crank bollards are available in two types of stainless steel: 304 (standard) and 316 (marine grade). These high-quality bollards are popular for their long-lasting durability and weatherproof properties which maintain their new condition for years to come; a durable solution for even the trickiest of surroundings. To keep this condition for as long as possible, use a steel cleaner with a microfibre cloth to wipe off any stains and buff the surface. This will maintain their original shine and new appearance.

To find the perfect solution for your needs, we offer a variety of different features and additional extras as well as the potential to create your own custom crank stainless steel bollards in the design of your choice.

Bulk Discount

We offer a discount on bulk orders, helping you install high quality bollards at an affordable price.

Estimated lead time: 1 week dependent on quantity 

PLEASE NOTE: Lead times are an estimate and orders placed today are subject to change depending upon material availability, courier workloads and Staff covid 19 situations. Speedy Street Solutions fully reserve the right to delay delivery due to any direct or indirect impact and without liability to any loss or financial penalty.

Crank Stainless Steel Bollards