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Bike Lock + Ground Anchor

Bike Lock + Ground Anchor
£94.80 £79.00
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Bike Locks

Our bike units are exceptionally secure, however there may be a time when you need even more bike security - for example you may share your metal bike unit with another user. In cases like this, the need to lock your bike independently and gain more security becomes important. Some insurance companies offer a discount for using a ground anchor and bike lock. Whatever the reason the lock Sold Secure Silver standard ground anchor offers increased security in or out of our units.

This Sold Secure Silver bike lock and ground anchor has a thick 1.5 metre long thick chain threads through a ground fixed anchor point in the base of your unit.

*Please note if you wish to secure/drill your optional ground anchor to the floor you will require a minimum 100mm depth of concrete.

*Please note to fit a ground anchor to a shed you will need to drill through the metal base. Please be aware that doing so will invalidate your warranty. Once the panel has been drilled through, please use a rust inhibitor to re-seal the steel.


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Bespoke Products & Bulk Discounts Available On Request
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Bike Lock + Ground Anchor