Erlin Cycle Locker

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The Erlin bicycle locker is a state-of-the-art parking solution designed specifically for bicycles. It provides individual and secure storage for two-wheelers while also offering practical compartments for storing cycling gear such as helmets, gloves, pumps, and water bottles.

Here are some key features and options of the Berlin bicycle locker:

  1. Secure storage: The bicycle locker ensures the safety of your bike by providing a dedicated space with robust construction and a secure locking mechanism. This helps to deter theft and vandalism, giving cyclists peace of mind when leaving their bikes unattended.

  2. Storage compartments: In addition to the main storage area for the bicycle, the locker includes practical compartments for organizing and storing cycling gear. These compartments can hold items such as helmets, gloves, pumps, water bottles, and other accessories, allowing cyclists to keep everything in one place.

  3. Door plate option: The bicycle locker can be customized with a door plate, which can display relevant information or branding. This feature can be useful for identifying individual lockers or providing instructions or guidelines for users.

  4. Floor rail option: To enhance usability, the bicycle locker offers an optional floor rail. The floor rail allows for easier installation and positioning of the bike within the locker. It provides a stable and secure platform for parking the bike, ensuring that it remains upright and protected.

  5. Durability and weather resistance: The Berlin bicycle locker is designed to withstand various weather conditions and is built to be durable and long-lasting. It is typically constructed using sturdy materials that are resistant to corrosion, ensuring that the locker remains functional and visually appealing over time.

  6. Versatility and scalability: These bicycle lockers are designed to be versatile and can be installed in various locations, such as residential complexes, workplaces, transportation hubs, or public areas. They can be configured to accommodate different sizes and types of bicycles, allowing for a range of users. The lockers can also be installed in a modular manner, allowing for easy scalability and expansion as needed.

The Erlin bicycle locker offers a convenient and secure parking solution for cyclists, providing not only storage for bikes but also compartments for organizing cycling gear. With customizable options such as door plates and floor rails, it can be tailored to meet specific needs and enhance user experience.

Technical features

Dimensions: 1818 mm wide x 1447 mm high x 2056 mm deep.

Structure: in galvanised steel.

Doors: Ø 5 mm mesh welded into a frame, galvanised or galvanised and painted finish. Door locked with padlock (not supplied). Opening and closing of the doors assisted by gas strut.

Finish: single-colour or two-colour painted in our colours.

Extension: 2-space extension module, 1897 mm wide.

Installation: on plates by expansion bolts (not supplied) ø 9 mm holes.


Door plate: 400 mm wide x 300 mm high in 1.5 mm thick sheet metal, galvanised and painted.

Floor rail: galvanised finish.


Estimated lead time: 7 week dependent on quantity 

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Erlin Cycle Locker