Harrogate Cycle Stands

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Specifications for the Harrogate Cycle Stand.

  1. Weight: 8.00 kg
    • The Harrogate Cycle Stand weighs 8.00 kilograms, which is a lightweight feature for ease of handling and installation.
  2. Width: 625mm
    • The width of the cycle stand is 625mm, providing sufficient space for securing bicycles.
  3. Height: 690mm
    • The height of the Harrogate Cycle Stand is 690mm, indicating a size that is suitable for securely holding bicycles in place.
  4. Diameter: 60mm
    • The diameter of the cycle stand is 60mm. This measurement is likely related to the dimensions of the main structural elements, contributing to the stand's stability.
  5. Fixing: Surface Mounted
    • The cycle stand is designed for surface mounting, which involves securing it to a flat surface. This type of fixing is common for outdoor installations.
  6. Material: Steel
    • The cycle stand is constructed from steel, a material known for its strength and durability. Steel is a common choice for outdoor furniture due to its ability to withstand various weather conditions.
  7. Colour: Galvanised
    • The standard colour of the cycle stand is galvanized. Galvanization is a process that adds a protective layer to steel to prevent corrosion. While this provides a protective and industrial appearance, the product can also be customized with powder coating in different RAL colours for aesthetic preferences.

Harrogate Cycle Stand are a popular and cost-effective choice for cyclists. Here are some key points from the description:

  1. Design and Cost:

    • The Harrogate Cycle Stand is highlighted for its appealing design while remaining a low-cost option.
  2. Surface Mounted and Galvanised:

    • The standard configuration of the Harrogate Cycle Stand is surface mounted and galvanised. This ensures durability and protection against corrosion.
  3. Customization with Powder Coating:

    • While the standard version is galvanised, the product offers customization options. If you desire a bit of color, the stands can be powder coated in any RAL color. This allows for personalization to match specific preferences or surroundings.
  4. Special Requirements and Advice:

    • Speedy Street Solutions offers assistance for customers with special requirements. Trained advisers are available to provide guidance and answer any questions.
  5. Matching Street Furniture:

    • If you are looking for a cohesive appearance in a specific area, the company can provide matching items to complement the Harrogate Cycle Stand.
  6. Powder Coating Lead Time:

    • The description mentions that powder coating may require a longer lead time. This is valuable information for customers to consider when planning their orders.

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Harrogate Cycle Stands