Weelie bin enclosure

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 Technical specifications 

  • Dimensions: The enclosure is available in two width options (2500 mm or 5000 mm) and three depth options (2000 mm, 3400 mm, or 4800 mm), providing flexibility to suit different space requirements.

  • Roof: The roof is constructed with anodised aluminum profiles and features cross members made of 40 x 40 mm steel tubes. The roof panels are 10 mm cellular polycarbonate, treated to resist UV damage.

  • Panels: The enclosure features panels made of 13 mm compact HPL with a height of 1500 mm and 7 slats. Two finish options are available: light oak or Mahogany.

  • Finish: The finish of the enclosure includes galvanised steel for durability, and it is painted in the company's colors for a customized and branded appearance.

  • Installation: The enclosure is designed to be concreted directly into the ground, ensuring stability and secure placement.

  • Optional Features: An optional front return cladding in HPL is available, providing additional customization or aesthetic options.

Overall, these technical features indicate a well-designed and customizable wheelie bin enclosure with attention to materials, dimensions, finish, and optional features to meet specific requirements and preferences.

The wheelie bin enclosure is designed to provide a visually appealing and convenient solution for storing waste bins. Here are some general features and considerations based on the information provided:

  1. Container Cover:

    • Aesthetic Design: The enclosure features an aesthetically pleasing design, likely to enhance the overall look of the area where it's installed.
    • Material: The material of the container cover is not specified in your description. Common materials for such enclosures include weather-resistant plastics, metals, or other durable materials.
  2. Size Options:

    • Two Sizes: The enclosure is available in two sizes, providing flexibility to accommodate different needs.
    • Adjustable Dimensions: The dimensions, either width or depth, are adjustable. This adjustability allows the enclosure to be customized to fit the specific requirements of the space and the number of bins to be stored.
  3. Ease of Installation:

    • Easy Installation: The container cover is designed for easy installation, suggesting that it may come with a user-friendly assembly process or may be pre-assembled for quick setup.
    • Installation Method: The specific method of installation (e.g., anchoring, bolting) is not mentioned, but it's likely designed for a straightforward installation process.
  4. Versatility:

    • Adaptability: The adjustable width or depth implies that the enclosure is versatile and can be adapted to various configurations or bin sizes.
    • Customization: Users can likely customize the enclosure to fit their specific space and bin storage needs.
  5. Functionality:

    • Waste Bin Storage: The primary function of the enclosure is to provide a storage solution for waste bins, helping to keep them organized and out of sight.
    • Security: Depending on the design, the enclosure may offer some level of security to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.
  6. Material and Finish:

    • Weather Resistance: The material used for the enclosure may be weather-resistant to ensure durability and protection against the elements.
    • Finish Options: The finish of the enclosure is not specified, but it could include features such as UV resistance or a coating to enhance longevity.

Overall, the wheelie bin enclosure seems to be a versatile and customizable solution for waste bin storage, combining aesthetics with ease of installation and adaptability to different space requirements.

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Weelie bin enclosure