Wheelie Bin Holder

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Technical features

Based on the technical features you provided, here's a breakdown of the specifications for a wheelie bin holder:

  1. Internal Dimensions:

    • Length Options: 700 mm and 1400 mm.
    • Depth: 1000 mm.
  2. Material:

    • Galvanised Steel Tube: Ø 50 mm.
  3. Opening System:

    • Integrated Swivel Opening System: Designed for simple and intuitive usage.
  4. Compatibility:

    • Compatible with Most Standard Wheelie Bin Sizes.
  5. Mounting:

    • Base Plates: Mounted on 5 mm base plates.

This description outlines the key technical specifications for the wheelie bin holder. The holder comes in two length options: 700 mm and 1400 mm, with a depth of 1000 mm, making it suitable for accommodating different sizes of wheelie bins.

The main structural component of the holder is a galvanized steel tube with a diameter of Ø 50 mm, providing durability and corrosion resistance. The integrated swivel opening system is designed for user-friendly and straightforward operation, ensuring easy placement and removal of wheelie bins.

The holder is compatible with most standard wheelie bin sizes, offering versatility in its usage. For stability and secure installation, the holder is mounted on 5 mm base plates. This ensures that the wheelie bins are always parked in the same place for collection, reducing the likelihood of them becoming road hazards. The galvanized steel construction enhances the holder's longevity, making it suitable for outdoor use and exposure to varying weather conditions.


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Wheelie Bin Holder