wheelie bin store 750mm Cladding Panels

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750 -clad

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Fence and wheelie bin stores in HPL

A totally modular system to adapt effectively to size requirements. Choose the number of posts required and select the quantities of cladding required. This product is also used as a decorative maintenance free easy to install fencing system.


5No-Wheelie Bin Store Cladding – HPL – 7 Slats – L 750mm

2No-Adjustable End Post on Base Plate Galv HT 1500mm

3No-Adjustable Middle Post on Base Plate Galv HT 1500mm

1No- Adjustable Middle Post on Base Plate Galv HT 1500mm

Optinal panlels + post can be added to exstend for bigger storage.

Technical features

Galvanised steel vertical posts 1500mm.

3 types of posts : middle post, end post and angle depending on desired configuration. Posts are all available on base plates or on base plates with adjustable feet.

Cladding: in compact HPL 13mm depth. Length 750mm comprising 7 horizontal slats per panel. (Fire Rating of Cladding Panels. Using NF P 92-501 M classification combustion test: cladding is M2)

Weight : 33KG

Finish: mahogany of light oak colour.


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Estimated lead time: 5-6 weeks

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wheelie bin store 750mm Cladding Panels