Blackpool Duracast Polyurethane Bollard

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The Blackpool Polyurethane Bollard is designed with durability and effectiveness in mind for controlling parking and vehicle access in various settings.

Design and Usage:

  • The bollards have a traditional design.
  • They are used to control parking and vehicle access.
  • They are suitable for areas like shops, pavements, and parking areas.
  • Can be used individually or as part of a traffic calming system.

Material and Construction:

  • Made from an engineering grade, heavy-duty polymer called Ultrathane 6000, with a hardness of 70D.
  • The bollards are cast around an integral steel core for added strength.
  • The polymer is corrosion and shatterproof, making the bollards durable.

Color Options:

  • The standard color is black polyurethane paint.
  • Other color options are available upon request.


  • Above-ground height: 815mm.
  • Below-ground length: 300mm.
  • Maximum diameter: 188mm.
  • Gross weight: 17kg.


  • The bollards are designed with a 300mm root and anchoring bar for casting into the ground.

These bollards seem to provide a robust and low-maintenance solution for managing traffic and access control. Their use of durable materials and engineering-grade polymer, along with the inclusion of a steel core, suggests that they are built to withstand various weather conditions and potential impacts.


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Blackpool Duracast Polyurethane Bollard