Flexible Bollard 130

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Cast polyurethane bollard technology has led to the launch of the innovative Impact-flex range of flexible bollards. Made with Terrathane which is a fully pigmented, self finished, high impact resistant, zero maintenance black polyurethane, these flexible bollards are used primarily in areas which frequently get knocked by vehicles at low speed – reducing impact damage to the vehicle and removing the need for bollard replacement.

The maintenance-free flexible bollards are available in o/ds of 130mm (9mm side wall) and 155mm (12mm side wall) Length 1350 over all, and include the unique flexible bollard technology.

Supplied in black as standard with Yellow, Red, Ochre, Orange, White, Green and Blue available to order.

This bollard comes with the option for reflective tape at an additional charge.

Product Specifications:

  • Diamater 130mm
  • Hag 1000mm
  • Root 500mm
  • Weight 5kg


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Flexible Bollard 130