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We supply all our timber street furniture in carefully selected and graded hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is generally more dense (it comes from deciduous, slower growing trees) and therefore heavier and more expensive than softwood. Softwood on the other hand comes from evergreen trees that grow more quickly, and so is lighter and less expensive.

If budget will allow, hardwood is a no-brainer – it’s extremely durable and requires treating less often. Street furniture made with softwood requires treating annually with Sadolin wood stain and would normally have a shorter lifespan than hardwood furniture.

We supply all our street furniture in three standard timbers – Iroko (hardwood), Oak (hardwood) and Cedar (softwood):

Iroko is a hardwood with a distinctive yellow colour when freshly cut, quickly changing to golden-brown on exposure to light; the colour tends to darken over time.

Oak is a renowned hardwood, with an attractive light brown colour; again the colour tends to darken over time.

Cedar is a naturally durable softwood, with a pleasant aroma and a distinctive reddish-brown colour. After long exposure to weather, the colour is lost and the wood becomes silver-grey – this weathered appearance is sometimes sought by architects. The wood is also unusual in its ability take and hold stain of the finest tint without discolouration.

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of street furniture, we have a duty to care for our environment; we follow environmentally sound practices at all times. All our timber is sourced from commercially managed recognised and sustainable resources. 




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