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The Steel Manchester Bollard is a decorative and functional item used in urban and architectural settings. Here are the key features and specifications of this bollard:


  1. Main Construction: The primary structure of the bollard is made from galvanized mild steel tube. Galvanizing helps protect the steel from corrosion and ensures its longevity.

  2. Cap and Rings: The ornamental design is enhanced with caps and rings made from high-grade, impact-resistant, malleable cast iron. These cast iron elements are welded onto the steel body to complete the bollard's appearance.

  3. Ground Fixing: For installation, ragged bollards come with ground fixing spikes to secure them firmly in place.


  • Height: The bollard stands at 1000mm (1 meter) above ground level.
  • Below Ground: It is installed with 500mm (0.5 meters) below ground for stability.
  • Diameter: The bollard has a diameter of 114mm.
  • Wall Thickness: The steel tube used in the construction has a thickness of 3mm.

Additional Information:

  • Flange Option: There's an option available with flanges for bolting the bollard down. Bolts for this purpose are available separately.
  • Removable Versions: Lockable removable versions are also available for added security. They can be locked using a padlock.
  • Galvanizing: The bollard comes with standard galvanization to protect against corrosion. However, there are additional options for color-coated finishes. If opting for color-coated finishes, you must specify the RAL numbers at the time of ordering.
  • Decorative Options: You can further enhance the decorative effect of these bollards by adding eyelets, hooks, and chains. These options are available separately.
  • Reinforcement: For added strength and durability, ragged versions can be reinforced with an internal steel core, concrete, or a combination of both.

The Steel Manchester Bollard combines traditional styling with durable materials, making it suitable for various outdoor environments, including streetscapes, parks, and commercial spaces. It not only adds an aesthetic element but also serves as a functional barrier and delineator.

Due to size and weight (and to provent damage) Manchester bollard need to be sent on a pallet.


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Steel Manchester Bollards