Push Button Removable Overlay Antimicrobial copper

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Push Button Removable Overlay Antimicrobial copper

Antimicrobial Copper Multi Surface Protection

Protection of our staff and patients has never been more important than today.
Antimicrobial copper surface protectors are an innovative weapon in the fight against cross infection. Easily retrofitted, they quickly destroy bacteria and virus pathogens on contact and provide an increased protection and peace of mind.

The inherent properties of Speedy Street Solutions antimicrobial copper is unique in its effectiveness against, bacterial, viral and fungicidal pathogens. Inherent properties proactively attack the pathogens on contact, destroying microbes in a very short timescale.
Suitable for use in medical, transport, commercial, clean room and food processing industries.

+Continuously kills microbes
+Protection never wears out and safe to use
+Intrinsically antimicrobial – no chemicals or coatings
+Only solid metal surface approved by US EPA
+Easy, removable self-adhesive application

Products Available include :

  1. Push Button Removable Overlay Antimicrobial copper D30mm – Pack 2

Specification :

  • Material : Antimicrobial Copper
  • Adhesive : Medium-Tack
  • Fitting : Peel Release Paper , Self-application
  • Removable : Yes
  • Microbial Protection : Bacterial, Viral, Fungal
  • Protects against : MRSA, Clostridium Difficile, Influenza A, Norovirus, Fungi, E. Coli, SARS-1, SARS-2
  • Antimicrobial lifetime : Continuous

Door and trolley handle overlays are designed for bars up to 28mm in diameter and can be trimmed to length (if required) using sharp scissors.

Prices Exclude delivery £10 per single order, bulk order discount on carriage
All prices are excluding Vat and subject to availability.

Stainless Finishing Solutions Antimicrobial products do not replace regular hand washing, regular cleaning or any other recommendation made by governing authorities.

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Push Button Removable Overlay Antimicrobial copper