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  1. Social Distancing Shelter Pods

    -- NEW PRODUCT --

    Social Distancing Pods – Queue Pods

    Our Social Distancing Pods or Queue Pods are ideal for supermarkets and other retailers.

    Our total queuing solution – 1m x 1m pod which provides excellent stability in high winds and allow more flexibility in tighter locations – these can be joined to make a 2m pod.

    Please note under the current COVID 19 situation orders placed today may take up to 2-3 working weeks. This is subject to change depending upon courier workloads and availability - please contact us for current lead times.

    This new product comes with Free UK Mainland Delivery

    Any questions, please contact us here

    £1,198.80 £999.00
  2. Complete Operator & Driver Welfare Box

    Complete Operator & Driver Welfare Box
    £50.40 £42.00
  3. Portable Sanitisation Station

    Portable Sanitisation Station
    As low as £58.79 £48.99
  4. Automatic Soap/Sanitiser Dispenser Refillable-

    Automatic Soap/Sanitiser Dispenser Refillable-

    £59.99 £49.99
  5. Manual Hand Sanitisation Station – Wall mounted

    Manual Hand Sanitisation Station – Wall mounted
    As low as £102.00 £85.00
  6. Economy Hand Sanitiser Station

    Economy Hand Sanitiser Station
    £150.00 £125.00
  7. Fully Automatic Hand Sanitising Station

    Fully Automatic Hand Sanitising Station
    £214.80 £179.00
  8. Hand Sanitiser Station

    Hand Sanitiser Station
    £306.00 £255.00
  9. Freestanding Pedal Activated Hand Sanitising Station Mk2

    Freestanding Pedal Activated Hand Sanitising Station Mk2
    As low as £239.99 £199.99
  10. Floor Mounted, Pedal Operated Dispenser For Sanitiser

    Floor Mounted, Pedal Operated Dispenser For Sanitiser

    £252.00 £210.00
  11. Freestanding Pedal Activated Hand Sanitising Station

    Freestanding Pedal Activated Hand Sanitising Station
    £346.80 £289.00 As low as £333.60
  12. Sanitising Station Counter

    Sanitising Station Counter
    As low as £132.00 £110.00
  13. Dispenser stations

    Dispenser stations is clad with Foamex panels (3mm)

    £726.00 £605.00
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In line with Governmental guidelines, public areas and workplaces should be undertaking regular cleaning and providing hand sanitising facilities across multiple locations, promoting visitors to maintain hygiene standards to stop the spread of germs. A wall mounted automatic hand sanitiser dispenser or easily accessible hand sanitiser stand is ideal for stores, workplaces, schools, kitchens and medical facilities, prompting visitors to sanitise their hands before entering and touching shared spaces.

As expert street furniture suppliers, we did our bit to quickly produce high quality sanitisation stations to help our customers and businesses across the UK to implement the solutions they needed to prevent the likelihood of viruses spreading across the facility. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we all had to quickly adapt to a situation which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, coming together to do our bit to contribute to society and put our specialisms to use. Our team came together to produce a range of hand sanitiser stands to help public facilities welcome people in a safer manner.

Implementing a Hand Sanitiser Stand

Every business has different requirements, with different spaces to work with and varying levels of precaution required. Our range of sanitisation stations offers a variety of features, from pedal activated hand sanitiser stands which require no contact to automatic hand sanitiser dispensers which distributes the correct measure each and every time. A small wall mounted dispenser is perfect for small areas and for buying multiple to display across your property, an affordable solution with little maintenance. For locations which require a higher duty of care, such as supermarkets where customers are handling trolleys and baskets, larger sanitisation stations are needed to offer an area which contains disinfectant spray, tissue and waste disposal.

We ensure that our range of products continues to be extensive, allowing you to add custom designs and unique features where required to ensure you can get your hands on the ideal hand sanitiser dispenser UK. Many of our sanitisation stations are easy to implement yourself and will cause no lasting damage, but in cases where a more secure automatic hand sanitiser dispenser is required, we offer options which can be bolted to the ground.

High Quality Sanitisation Stations

At Speedy Street Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering durable hand sanitiser stands which are fit for purpose and provide cost effective solutions to businesses of all sizes. We work to keep our prices affordable, offering automatic hand sanitiser dispensers across all price points and applying discounts for bulk orders. If you are looking to order a high number of products, get in touch to discuss your required quantity and type of hand sanitiser dispenser UK.

If you have any further inquiries regarding any of our hand sanitiser stands, please contact us today to discuss your needs with one of the Speedy Street Solutions team. We look forward to hearing from you.


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