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  1. FFP2 Face Masks

    White FFP2 Mask come in a Pack of 10 

  2. Face Masks Type IIR Pack 50

    Face Masks Type IIR Pack 50

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At Speedy Street Solutions, as well as being street furniture suppliers, our adaptable and versatile company also stock PPE face masks, face visors and PPE equipment to help to protect those in the workplace and busy areas. We have three different types of PPE face masks, allowing our customers to find the style that best suits what they are doing and makes them feel the most comfortable and protected whilst going about their day to day life.

We have kept our prices affordable and our masks are available in packs, so businesses, care homes, hospitals, families or businesses in any sector can buy in bulk to be sure that they have enough for everyone to use. What’s more, we offer free shipping on all of our PPE face masks, as we understand the importance of protecting people, whether that’s from a virus or another source in the workplace. With high PFE and BFE performance, you can be sure that our range of three-layer masks will work effectively to help to protect against germs and bacteria that are transmitted in the air.

3Ply Surgical PPE Face Masks

In compliance with EN 14683:2019, this medical PPE face mask comes with 98% bacterial filtration efficiency, splash penetration resistance of 120mmHg and can be used only once. It’s recommended that these PPE face masks are kept dry and out of direct sunlight. Please note that if the packaging is damaged then you should not use these PPE face masks.

FFP2 PPE Face Masks

Available in packs of 10, these FFP2 PPE face masks conform to EN149:2001+A1:2009 and filters over 95% of airborne particles. The shape of these face masks fit well around your face for excellent protection, but also to make you feel safe when wearing the mask. The elastic at the back of the mask is easy to attach to your head securely, so the face mask doesn’t fall off. 


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Face Visor Protection

Included in our range of PPE face masks, we also have face visors that are sold individually. The unique design of this face visor means that it’s comfortable to wear, with a low density PUR foam band. With a material thickness of 0.5mm, this face visor has been designed much thicker than other visors that are available. The plastic shield was carefully created to ensure anti-fog and clear vision. What’s more, the face visor is comfortable to wear and doesn’t pull at hair or irritate the skin. The quick fitting and assembling of the face visor makes it ideal for workplaces needing efficiency.

The reusable and lightweight face visor provides maximum face protection, which is ideal for those working in sectors such as construction or healthcare. The face visor will help to protect users from eye injuries, as well as inhaling strong chemicals, compounds or bacteria. As it covers the entire face, employees are still able to work effectively, so production demand can still be met.

If you would like to find out more information about our PPE face masks or face visors, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can make sure that you have enough protection for you and your employees, so everyone can stay as safe as possible not only in the short term, but long term too.