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At Speedy Street Solutions, as well as being specialist street furniture suppliers, we also stock PPE equipment to encourage social distancing, protect your staff from contagious viruses when in the workplace and hazardous equipment. Our PPE equipment can also be utilised at home or when out of the house, so you can feel safe when going about your daily activities in public. Personal protection equipment helps to make the workplace a safer environment for employees. The PPE equipment can help to prevent the risk of injury to the lungs, eye, skin, body and the head.

Leading PPE Equipment Suppliers

As leading PPE equipment suppliers, we are able to offer a variety of different products for protection, including counter top sneeze screens, safe distance floor markers, retractable barriers for queue management, hand sanitiser gel and antibacterial hand wash. This allows individuals and businesses to source the PPE products that work best for them, but also provide their staff and themselves with as much protection as possible.

There are a number of key reasons why it’s important for you to use PPE equipment in the workplace. Firstly, some industries and workplaces expose employees to compounds and chemicals that can have long term impacts on the body. By having all the necessary PPE equipment in place, you can help to prevent these effects and safeguard the well-being and health of your workers now and in the future. As leading PPE equipment suppliers, we can help you to find the PPE that you need for your business.

Another reason why PPE equipment is essential in your workplace is to protect eyes. Industries that deal with hazardous or sharp objects must be as protected as possible. We have different types of eye protection available, including our SAFE Comfort Pro Protective Full Face Visor, which can help employees to protect themselves from a serious eye injury whilst at work.

PPE equipment also enables employees to feel comfortable and confident in the workplace, as they shouldn’t fear going to work. With the right personal protective equipment in place, employees can work to the best of their ability and not be held back, which in turn will help to increase production.

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Hand Sanitiser Gel and Antibacterial Hand Wash

As well as protective full face visors, we also have coverings for door handles to help prevent the spread of germs in offices and other buildings, handle covers for trolleys in supermarkets and dispenser stations. These stations are essential for ensuring that the germs are captured and kept together, to help avoid any spreading.

As PPE equipment suppliers, we also stock hand sanitiser gel and antibacterial hand wash that can be implemented into every workplace and home for a hygienic environment. We offer discounts on bulk orders on our antibacterial hand wash and hand sanitiser gel, so your business or home can have more than enough and you can keep your hands clean.

For more information about any of our PPE equipment, including our hand sanitiser gel and antibacterial hand wash, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Speedy Street Solutions, today.

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