LITETOWER – Root Mounted Bollard Light

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LITETOWER – Root Mounted Bollard Light

LITETOWER – Root Mounted Bollard Light

The ‘Litetower’ Root Mounted Bollard Light enables a more secure install for vulnerable areas. 0.8m or 1.m height options are available, both of which are manufactured with an additional 0.4m length of tube for mounting below ground. A strong anchor bar is also supplied for added security when setting into wet concrete. A Cable Gland (M20) is supplied for optional use. Use this to allow the cable to exit through the side of the tube rather than the base. These professional bollards are made from 3mm thick coated Aluminium giving the appearance of Stainless Steel.

A clever design feature of the Litetower root mounted bollard light is that the taller height options have longer heads to stay in proportion aesthetically. The heads are large enough to accommodate all of the Lumena range of ES LED bulbs ranging from a candle bulb for a low light effect, through to the 20w LED Corn bulb for areas where a very bright light is required. Frosted glass inside the head softens and diffuses the light once it’s illuminated. There is also a mirrored reflector on the inside of the head to enhance the light emitted. Fitting the bulb is simple as the head is threaded, so simply screws on and off.

This IP65 path light will look great day or night in any landscape, from small modern gardens to smart commercial premises. It has a sturdy fixed base with 4 installation holes. A photocell ‘Dusk to Dawn’ version of each size is also available for security and energy conscious users. These options automatically turn on when it is dark and off again when light. Surface mount options are also available.

The LITETOWER Root Mounted Bollard is compatible with the Dusk to Dawn LED Bulb.

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LITETOWER – Root Mounted Bollard Light