EV Charging Bay symbols

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EV Charging Bay symbols for perfect, permanent and clear-cut outlines.

The white reflective coated symbol adheres to almost all types of surface e.g. concrete, asphalt, tar, composite paving and tiles.

Quick setting allows for it to be driven over 30 minutes after application.

Lasts 5 x longer than floor marking paint.

Improved adhesion on difficult surfaces e.g. bitumen can be achieved by using a primer.

  • Permanent marking
  • Easy to apply
  • Reflective
  • Professional solution

Application instructions:

Align the symbol elements onto a dry, dust and grease free surface. Joints between the elements should be no wider than 5mm.

Fragments (e.g. due to transportation) can be easily inserted during the melting process.


In cold weather preheat the surface with a gas torch.


Other colours on request (e.g. yellow)

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EV Charging Bay symbols